Synopsis: Near future. Looking for solutions to the problems of crime, political gridlock and a crippled economy, Americans succumb to the candidate’s message of family values and economic stability. They don’t see it coming: the agenda that will deliver on the promises, a form of government they’ve never known. Fascism.

The Next President is a political thriller about a charismatic candidate who secretly embraces fascist doctrine. It is also a love story, with complications. Catherine Cortez, the protagonist, a top news anchor at a major network, is in a relationship with a U.S. senator. He’s asked her to marry him. She resists because she sees marriage to him as a career-killer which is part of her motivation to get out from behind the news desk and go after one last big story.

Cortez follows one story a revolution in Cuba and discovers a bigger one in the presidential candidate, who as senate majority leader, with ties to the military and the CIA, is behind the supply of illegal arms to the corrupt fascist government in Cuba.

In her pursuit, she puts her father’s life at risk the father she didn’t know was still alive, the father she rediscovers in Cuba.

The ending is ominous.

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