Winning Streak


A bookie forces a college genius to use his secret scientific discovery to win football games to pay off his coach/father’s gambling debt.

Matt Jenson, a 21-year-old college senior, discovers how to make himself extraordinarily fast by manipulating his molecular system. 

Matt’s father is the head coach of the football team. He gambles. He’s in deep to a bookie. When the bookie, Sid Leone, discovers the kid’s secret, he forces him to use his enhanced speed to win football games.

A rouge agent in a covert government agency also finds out about him –through one of his professors – and he schemes to get his hands on his discovery. 

After a few games, Matt discovers his speed is waning. His “charges” last for shorter and shorter periods of time. His playing is erratic. He tells Sid he can’t guarantee a win in the final game, so the bookie and his gangster associates decide to bet against the team.

Then a cheerleader Matt had a fling with – who saw him with Sid, who she knows is a bookie – accuses him of trying to throw games. She tells him that if the team loses the final game, she will expose him. He’s in a dilemma. Win or lose, HE loses.

Matt has developed a relationship with the girl next door, the girl of his dreams. The gangsters kidnap her to ensure that Matt doesn’t change his mind about the last game. Matt goes after her. 

Matt’s father confesses his gambling. Tells Matt he is resigning as head coach after the final game. 

Matt goes into the championship game without his special powers. Can he somehow rally the team to win anyway?

After the game, Matt’s father is killed. The gun the killers used is placed in the father’s hand. A confession letter he wrote is on his desk. To the authorities, it’s a suicide. Matt believes otherwise. He thinks the bookie or his gangster associates killed his father. Or was it the rouge agent? 

When Matt begins to suspect that possibility, he devises a strategy to bring all his adversaries together.

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